Vehicle extentions

This group includes products with which it is possible to transport cargo (usually metal or other waste) safely from one place to another.


Bucket upgrade

This product is intended for installation on the chassis of trucks. Together with the metal arm, it is used for loading and transporting bulky metal waste. It is manufactured in several variants depending on the type and load capacity of the truck on which it is installed:

The 5K3 supercharger - mounted on two-axle trucks and a volume of 28 m3.

The superstructure 6K1 - mounted on three-axle trucks and a volume of 32 m3.

Abrol tipper

Abrol dumpers are complex hydraulic mechanisms that are built into the chassis of the truck for manipulating roller shutters. The truck with the Abrol dumper is able to load and unload the roller-containers on or off of its chassis, but it can also boil, ie, explores their content. The advantage of this approach is that one truck with abrol dumper can serve a greater number of roller containers, which reduces the total cost of disposing of the desired material. "Block Signal" d.o.o. Niš is the only producer in Serbia that has fully the production of such a set.


Upgrading small trucks 

The upgrading of the crates on small trucks is done in variants with and without a digging mechanism. The side panels can be made of aluminum profiles or steel sheets.
The dimensions of the upgrade are 4150 x 2200 x 400 mm, but they can also be made at the customer's request in other sizes. Also, the arches can be added to the crate due to the setting of the cloak screen.

Container lifter APSIE

This is an upgrade, a complex hydraulic mechanism that is intended for loading, transporting, unloading and drafting of standard containers with volume of 5 and 7 m3, capacity up to 7000 kg. It is equipped with hydraulic cylinders for lifting loads, stabilizers and cylinder for fastening containers.

Grapple HPBS-3

The HPBS-3 grapple is a hydraulic grapple that is mounted on a hydraulic crane. Used as a mechanical arm for collecting and transporting bulk and piece material.
The weight of the grapper is 380 kg, and consists of a star and 6 uniformly distributed sheets with 6 hydraulic cylinders. On the upper side there is a standard crane attachment, the grass body is made of material Č.0563, and the tops of the leaves are made of wear-resistant materials. Grab load is 4000 kg.